Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I am not blogging anymore……

This is how my day went:

Got up at 6:00 (ok it was 6:15ish) and took a shower.

Got kids ready for school (with lots of help from Cory).

Dropped kids off at school (and the stroller for Alex because they were going to walk to the pumpkin patch later).

Realize that I have a conference with Hayley’s teacher at 10:30 today.

Go back home and put make up on (might have talked on the phone to a friend during this time as well).

Deliver Upward basketball registration forms to the Jr. High.

Meet Alex’s class at the pumpkin patch.

Go back home….I can’t remember what I did then.

Go to Cory’s office but didn’t get to stay because he got a work related phone call.
Went to get gas.

Back to school for the teacher meeting and drop Upward registration forms off in the office.

Realize that I forgot to bring apple juice and spoons for Hayley’s class (but they don’t need it until the afternoon….plenty of time to get it).

Finish meeting and head head….almost forgetting to go to the store to get apple juice and spoons.

Get home and make several phone calls.

Pick up Cory so we can go to lunch after I pick Alex up.

Go pick Alex up and remember that I am in charge of taking Laura (classmate and cousin) to the daycare.

Drop Laura off at the daycare (she is so sweet).

Go eat lunch with Cory and Alex.

Head back to the house to pick up a new shirt for Alex (he is always dirty) and other stuff for our trip to Ft. Worth for ENT check up for boys.

Drop Cory off at work.

Go to Hayden’s school to pick him up early….and drop Upward registration forms off in the office.

Head to Ft. Worth.

Two hour drive up there. 35 minute appt. Two hour drive home.

Get home and get some stuff ready to give to a friend.

Deliver stuff to friend and help them unpack some things in their new house.

Come back home.

Check kids backpacks for homework.

Read a library book to Hayley while Hayden does handwriting homework and Alex screams about something.

Give the kids a snack….they did eat supper but I am not sure what or when.

Bed time routine……

Kids in bed.

I try to write a Caring Bridge update so I don’t forget everything that has happened with Alex in the last two weeks.

Think about the fact that I need to do laundry because we will probably not have clean shirts for tomorrow.

Eat a bowl of cereal….i think that was my supper.

Write this blog entry……

I do kind of miss blogging…..but I can’t do it right now. I am so forgetful….about all kinds of things. I even have lists and a magical calendar (apparently it is not so magical if I don’t actually utilize it) but I can’t keep it all straight. So I figure that I shouldn’t worry about the blog…….for now anyway!

Oh….and it has been so long since I have been on here that they have changed all the backgrounds I and I can’t figure it all out…..ha!

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